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Each year the party has been better than the last!  I just have not shared all the photos.

 2016:  October 16, 2016, the 2013 release will be celebrated in Las Vegas! Sign up online!


2015: October 3rd, 2015: Release of the 2012 was celebrated at Tierra Roja with The Flat Busted Band and Richard Lee’s Wood-Fire-Smoke gourmet BBQ.

2014: Release of 2011 was celebrated at the Las Vegas Country Club. 

2013: Release of the 2010 celebrated at Tierra Roja with The Flat Busted Band and Richard Lee’s Wood-Fire-Smoke gourmet BBQ.

2012: Release of the 2009 celebrated at the Las Vegas Country Club

2011: Release of the 2008 celebrated at Farmstead Restaurant in St. Helena, CA


2010: Release of the 2007 celebrated at the Las Vegas Country Club

2009: Release of the 2006 celebrated at Tierra Roja with Mojitos and Tito’s Cuban Band

2008: Release of the 2005 celebrated at Tierra Roja with Martinis and the Mystics Band


September 14 & 17, 2007

September 14, 15 and 17 were the official events for the inaugural release of Tierra Roja Cabernet Sauvignon, the 2004 vintage.  All were held in the Tierra Roja Garden and Vineyard.  Friday and Monday were elegant, intimate events held for the Oakville Winegrowers and Press and Trade, respectively.  The crew from La Toque was passing “Cabernet Friendly Foods” that Chef Ken Frank was preparing in Linda’s kitchen.  Scott Tracy did the honors of pouring the Tierra Roja.  Elaine Herrick and Sean Allen provided a lively bass and guitar duo to set the mood.  It was a good chance to get to meet new people and visit.

Saturday, September 15, 2007
Friends & Family Party

Saturday night it was Friends and Family.  Elaine Herrick again started us off, this time with Michael Belair, although after dinner they stepped aside for the fantastic dance band, Mojo Jelly.  The incredible dinner was prepared by Kathie Ford’s Creative Catering.  That big lamb you see roasting on the spit was the Reserve Grand Champion of Napa Town & Country Fair, raised by St. Helena FFA member Samantha Aragon.  Sorry Fluffy, but you were yummy.  Well over a hundred family and friends from near and far turned out for a good time and to try the wine.  Wish I had a camera when I was up on the stage looking back!


The first sale of Tierra Roja made by me was to Tom and Martha May, of Martha’s Vineyard fame.  I have to say, I felt honored.


How will we top it next year? 

Buy some wine and find out.